Podcast Excerpt: The Religious Disaffiliation of Young People

Posted by The Editors on Apr 13, 2021 1:03:41 PM
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During the month of April we pray in a special way for those who enter the faith at the commencement of the Easter season. Many Catholics regard welcoming new members into the Church as a high point in the liturgical year, especially given the recently reported on trends of religious disaffiliation. In today’s world of competing idols, young people in particular are losing sight of their vocational call and the ability to coherently discuss faith.

Our Lenny DeLorenzo discussed issues of vocation and secularism with Bishop Robert Barron on the McGrath Institute's Church Life Today podcast. Bishop Barron is the auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and the founder of the hit series Word on Fire. When asked about what the focus of the upcoming synod of bishops should be, Barron replied:

“Vocational discernment. There is nothing more important in the Bible than that... I think it is exceptionally hard today for young people, especially in the West, to hear the call. It’s still there; God’s always calling, but there are a lot of factors making it very hard for young people to hear the call. I think that’s what [the Bishops] should address. To gather young people, to celebrate them and all that, I think is terrific, but I think we should spend some time asking that very serious question, “What's blocking the hearing of the call as a call from God?”

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