Miracles at the Crossroads of Faith and Science

Posted by Chris Baglow on Jan 29, 2020 10:33:45 AM

Editorial Note: This post is the first in our #FaithAndScience series which will be published twice a month over the next several months. Follow along with us as we address topics such as the human soul, evolution, and others.

Nearly every New Orleans Catholic I know has walked it at least once—the Nine Church Walk on Good Friday. This six-mile-long Creole Calvary leads hundreds, even thousands of the faithful across the ankle-spraining peaks of aged sidewalks, past ornate Acadian-style houses and sprawling oak trees, through the heart-piercing alleys of city poverty, under the shadow of downtown skyscrapers, and into the heart of the French Quarter. It’s a path I’ve traversed in prayer and fasting for decades, for many years taking turns carrying each of my children on my shoulders over terrain that bests even the best baby strollers.

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Topics: faith and reason, Miracles, science and religion

At Notre-Dame de Paris, cross and altar survive. Is it a miracle?

Posted by John Cavadini on Apr 19, 2019 7:01:00 AM


Looking at the pictures of the Cross of Christ, shining with the light of the morning sun, intact amidst the ashes and debris from the fire at Notre-Dame de Paris, I found them very moving. Is it a miracle that the cross and altar and candles survived? It depends on what you are willing to call a miracle.

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Topics: Holy Week, Cross, Miracles, inspiration, perspective

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