Monday Motivation: Weekly Resources

Choosing Trust with St. Ignatius of Loyola

Free Resource on the Relationship between Faith and Science

Martha of Bethany: A Saint for Those at Home

Monday Motivation: Weekly Resources

Celebrating Mary Magdalene, Apostle to the Apostles

Faith and Science: Imperfection, Evil, and Human Nature

Monday Motivation: Weekly Resources

Becoming Christ's Mercy: Renewal in Eucharistic Ministry, Part 2

Monday Motivation: Weekly Resources

Becoming Christ's Mercy: Renewal in Eucharistic Ministry, Part 1

Liturgy and Education, Part 8: The Art of Understanding

Faith and Science: The Language of God

Monday Motivation: Weekly Resources

There is No Love Without Justice: The Catholic Response to Racism

Liturgy and Education, Part 7: The Art of Memory

Embracing Sacrifice

Monday Motivation: Weekly Resources

Free Life & Human Dignity Resource on the Death Penalty

Liturgy and Education, Part 6: Desiring Happiness

Facing Anxiety with the Holy Spirit's Help

Monday Motivation: Weekly Resources

Rethinking Our Summer Rest

Staying Catholic in College: A Letter to Youth Ministers

Liturgy and Education, Part 5: Liturgy & the Catholic School's Curriculum

Faith & Science: Newton's Laws & Flaws

Monday Motivation: Weekly Resources

Essay Excerpt: Fr. Ted Hesburgh's Call to Civil Conversion

Liturgy and Education, Part 4: Celebrating Liturgies in the Family

Behind the Scenes: Stories in Light

Monday Motivation: Weekly Resources

Preaching the Trinity, Part 2: Thou Shalt . . .

Preaching the Trinity, Part 1: Thou Shalt Not . . .

Staying Catholic in College: A Message to Parents

Liturgy and Education, Part 3: Re-Education of Desire through Liturgy

Faith & Science: The Miracle of the Resurrection and Science

Monday Motivation: Weekly Resources

The Power of Preaching, Part 5: Giving Feedback

Liturgy and Education, Part 2: Celebrating Liturgies in Schools

Stability for Lay Christians

Called & Co-Responsible: Summer Seminars for Church Life Renewal

Missing Him

The Power of Preaching, Part 4: Good Preaching is Ordinary

Liturgy and Education, Part 1: Why They Need Each Other

Staying Catholic in College: A Letter to High School Graduates

Faith & Science: The Human Soul and Science

Monday Motivation: Weekly Resources

Essay Excerpt: Of Mental Illness and Icons

Marian Music for the Month of May

The Power of Preaching, Part 3: What is Good Preaching?

Free Resource: Celebrating Mary in the Month of May

The Works of Mercy in a Marian Spirituality

Evangelization Through Questions

The Spiritual Benefits of Fasting Year-Round

Monday Motivation: Weekly Resources

Stories of Grace: Motherly Prayer

Working Remotely and the Common Good of the Family

Free Online Course: Pillars of the Church

Surrender Amid Social Distancing

Faith & Science: On God and the Problem of Evil

Monday Motivation: Weekly Resources

A Nation Consecrated to Mary

Homeschooling 101, Part 4: Resources

The Power of Preaching, Part 2: Encountering Christ

Homeschooling 101, Part 3: Rhythm & Routine

Free Online Course: "Journey with The Saint John's Bible"

Homeschooling 101, Part 2: Laying the Foundation

The Pondering Heart of a Marian Spirituality

Homeschooling 101, Part 1: The Challenges and the Joys

There's No Place Like Home: Dolly Parton's Nostalgia

Monday Motivation: Weekly Resources

Tithing as an Act of Trust

The Power of Preaching, Part 1: Building Relationship

Free Resource: Saints Workbooks

Paschal Joy in Isolation

Faith & Science: Can the Big Bang Prove God Exists?

Parish Ministry During a Pandemic

Monday Motivation: Weekly Resources

What is a 'Marian Spirituality'?

A Former Hermit's Thoughts on Solitude

Free Toolkit for Ministers and Parents: Helping Students Discern Their Gifts

Crisis and the Catholic School's Response

Exploring Art and Architecture with Katie Prejean McGrady

Monday Motivation: Weekly Resources

The Triduum in Art: Easter

The Triduum in Art: Holy Saturday

The Triduum in Art: Good Friday

The Triduum in Art: Holy Thursday

Lecturing to an Empty Classroom

He Emptied Himself

Monday Motivation: Weekly Resources

The New Beginning

Celebrating Palm Sunday

Expressing Care at a Distance

Holy Week 2020: Active Participation from Afar

Free Resource for Teachers: Teaching Human Dignity

Simple Prayers for Complicated Times

The Beauty of Holy Week Traditions

La Belleza de las Tradiciones de Semana Santa

Journeying with Jesus to Calvary

Viajando con Jesús al Calvario

Monday Motivation: Weekly Resources

Two Questions for Your Lenten Journey

The Limits of Hope

Celebrating the Fifth Sunday of Lent

Creating Catechetical Lessons for Parents and Kids

Trading Perfectionism for Holiness

Finding Order in Disorder

Free Resource for the Family: A Guide to Night Prayer for Lent

Monday Motivation: Weekly Resources

Faith and Science: The First Creation Narrative in Genesis

The Depths of Mercy

Prayerful Participation in an Online Mass

Celebrating the Fourth Sunday of Lent

Retreat Into Silence

A Devotion to St. Joseph

Mass in the Time of Coronavirus

A Devotion to St. André Bessette

A Devotion to St. Ignatius

What If Public Masses Are Canceled?

The Hidden Life

Stories of Grace: Humility After Pride

A Devotion to St. Bernadette

A Devotion to St. Gianna Beretta Molla

A Devotion to St. Hildegard of Bingen

Faith and Science: Acknowledging God as the Creator

The Pain of Healing

Stories of Grace: Really Good Ponds

Surrendering in Prayer: The Liturgy of the Hours

Making Peace Like St. Casimir

Co-Responsibility: Cultivating Hope in the Face of Disappointment

Small Talk and Big Appetites for Truth in Communications

The Risk of Presence

Caminando con Jesús a través de la Cuaresma

Journeying with Jesus through Lent

Lenten Playlist: 40 Songs for 40 Days

Mardi Gras, NOLA, Revelry, and Redemption

Faith and Science: Different Perspectives on One Universe

Formation for Mature Discipleship

Journey with The Saint John's Bible

Evangelization through Social Media

Choosing your Lenten practices

Sex Week and the End of Romance

Love and Vulnerability

Face-to-Face with Love

Love, the Liturgy, and the Really Real

Faith & Science: The Foundation of a Catholic Approach to Science

And the Nominees Are . . . Jojo Rabbit

And the Nominees Are . . . Parasite

And the Nominees Are . . . 1917

And the Nominees Are . . . Little Women

And the Nominees Are . . . Ford v Ferrari

And the Nominees Are . . . The Irishman

And the Nominees Are . . . Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

And the Nominees Are . . . Joker


And the Nominees Are . . . Marriage Story

And the Nominees Are . . .

Forming Witnesses through Pro-Life Teaching Resources

Modeling God's Mercy in the Classroom

Miracles at the Crossroads of Faith and Science

Engaging Adult Faith Formation in Catholic Grade Schools

The Gift of Catholic Education

Stories of Grace: Finding Grace Through Adoption

Mastering the Art of the Parish Gathering

Women Who Inspire Us: Meet Venus Salinas Wozniak

The Price of Our Humanity: Cost Effectiveness, Abortion, and Disability

Theological Education: An Investment in Eternity

Women Who Inspire Us: Meet Andrea Blanco

A Message to Young People Marching for Life: Be Open

Our Most Read Posts of 2019

Women Who Inspire Us: Meet Julianne Stanz

Practices and Intentionality in the Home

Empoderamiento, Representación, y Educación en línea

Empowerment and Representation through Online Education

The Christmas Crèche: Inculturation and the Incarnation, Part 4

Taken, Blessed, Broken, Shared: Becoming Bread for the World

Choosing a Saint for the New Year

Spotify Playlist: Sing We Now of Christmas

Avoid Seasonal Burnout

Walking with Mary These Final Advent Days

The Christmas Crèche: Inculturation and the Incarnation, Part 3

Pray the O Antiphons

Imitating Mary, Mother of Life

The Christmas Crèche: Inculturation and the Incarnation, Part 2

Celebrate Our Lady of Loreto

Music of Darkness and Light

Songs for the Advent Season

Multicultural Posadas: Embracing a Culture of Encounter

A Catholic Approach to Gift-Giving

The Christmas Crèche: Inculturation and the Incarnation, Part 1

Thanksgiving Greetings

Great Holiday Expectations

Tiles in the Divine Mosaic

The Kanye Moment

The Church: Imitating Her Saints

Called & Co-Responsible: Renewing Leadership for the Evangelizing Mission of the Church

The Lived Faith of Mister Rogers

Ben Howard's Beatific Vision

The Church and Her Canon of Saints

Living and Handing on the Faith

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