Embracing Parish Life, Part 3: Tithing

Learning to Teach, Learning to Serve

Embracing Parish Life, Part 2: Registering

Embracing Parish Life, Part 1: Choosing a Parish

Singing to the Queen

How a Parish Builds on the St. Pius X Message of Renewal

The Imperishable Crown of St. Stephen, King of Hungary

Maximilian Kolbe, Saint of Auschwitz

Christian Marriage and Family Life as Leaven in the World

Sufjan Stevens and the Journey Toward Transfiguration

Give Group Prayer a Try

The Parish Festival: A Chance for Encounter and Evangelization

Identity and Belonging in an All-Girls School

How Humanitarian Aid Can Diminish Human Sanctity

Call (Me) the Midwife

Stories of Grace: Ballet, Brokenness, and Building a Home

Never Too Old for Fairy Tales

St. Augustine's Analogy for Understanding the Trinity

Stories of Grace: Symphony of Grace in G Major

"As Kingfishers Catch Fire" Hopkins and the grace-filled life

Remembering our baptism in the sign of the cross

Stories of Grace: A Gift From Mary

Praying with Our Lady Help of Persecuted Christians

How swapping apps on my phone changed my prayer life

Can we still experience wonder and awe?

Stories of Grace: Yes, I am home

The secret key to the Chronicles of Narnia

Three stages of encountering God in prayer

Stories of Grace: The rewards of vulnerability

Is Dorothy Day a saint?

Integrating prayer and action, the works of mercy

Stories of Grace: As majestic as the mountains

Practical ways to help women facing unplanned pregnancy

How to pray through fasting

Stories of Grace: Coming Home

An uplifting poem for the Feast of the Visitation

How to pray with Taizé music

Stories of Grace: Visiting a Friend

Grace in imperfection, lessons for Christian perfectionists

How to pray with a labyrinth, a walking meditation

Stories of Grace: To see and be seen

Dr. Norman Francis, Notre Dame’s 2019 Laetare Medal awardee

How to practice centering prayer, to pray and be with God

Stories of Grace: No place like this

Family life and the role of order

How to pray the Examen, praying your experiences

Stories of Grace: Trusting in God's Story

4 prayers to pray with our kids

How to practice lectio divina, pray with Scripture

Stories of Grace: The Body of Christ

Cultivating docility, a lesson from Our Lady of Good Counsel

Cultivating docility, a virtue for life's decisions

The importance of feasting in the Christian tradition

Easter and the life-giving vocation of us all

Learning from the Exsultet, the proclamation hymn of Easter

At Notre-Dame de Paris, cross and altar survive. Is it a miracle?

What Christ the Bridegroom teaches us about marriage

A lesson in almsgiving from an 8-year-old

Christus Vivit: Pope Francis on building robust community

Christus Vivit: Pope Francis on digital media and young people

Stories of Grace: Plunging into the depths of grace

Praying with our bodies

Four poems that can help us teach our kids about God

Seeing as God sees

Spirited song: Celebrating St. Joseph during Lent

World Down Syndrome Day: A reflection on two loves

To be just like St. Joseph

Why we sacrifice for Lent

How to help your teen honor the sabbath

Making space for God

Choosing your Lenten practices

Investing time in our children, an antidote to abuse

Made for greatness, not comfort

God and the Grand Canyon

The Feast of the Chair of St. Peter and how to observe it

St. Thérèse and choosing to be interrupted

Praying the Angelus daily

Developing anti-fragile faith

A Catholic take on Valentine's Day

Studying theology as a working adult

Longanimity: The virtue of waiting for God

Ways to celebrate Our Lady of Lourdes as a family

How to make a grotto cake to celebrate Our Lady of Lourdes

19 Catholic books for 2019

Sports and spiritual preparation

The Mexican celebration of Candlemas

Does God care who wins the Super Bowl?

DIY 'stained glass' luminaries to celebrate Candlemas

What is Candlemas and how to observe it

Ways to get students involved in school liturgies

Free 3D printable: St. Thomas Aquinas

What St. Paul teaches us about conversion and parenting

St. Francis de Sales and using words like a Christian

Pope Francis and the Franciscan approach to news media

Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. on uniting justice and love

Building a pro-life household

Pro-life means taking care of mothers, too

A Catholic review of "Reversing Roe" on Netflix

What to do if you can’t attend the March for Life

9 Days for Life Novena starts today

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