Make a Scriptural Pilgrimage this Lent

Posted by Leonard J. DeLorenzo on Feb 15, 2021 11:48:08 AM
Leonard J. DeLorenzo

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“What are you discussing as you walk along?”
—Luke 24:16

During Lent a few years ago, I decided to reflect intentionally on the questions of Jesus. By that, I mean the questions that Jesus asks as recorded in the gospels. It turns out he asks a lot of questions, and not a single one of them is innocuous. What I discovered is that if we are willing to hear him, his questions will jolt us, surprise us, trouble us, and potentially even transform us. The only thing that is guaranteed to not happen if you let Jesus ask you questions is that you will remain comfortable. And so my Lenten practice turned out to be quite uncomfortable—beautifully and wonderfully uncomfortable.

Those reflection became a book, A God Who Questions, which guides you through Jesus’ questions so that, in the end, you may discover Jesus himself, anew.

And that book soon grew to include a bible study and faith sharing guide, designed specifically for groups to use during Lent. The idea here is to go on a pilgrimage to Christ through Scripture, by way of his questions. The itinerary is a six-week journey of weekly prayer, preferably with others, along with scripture reading, personal reflection, and faith-sharing. The layout is simple and the guidance is clear, so that everything serves the purpose of encountering Christ in Scripture, entering into prayer, and engaging with others in meaningful discussion.

Parish groups can make this journey together, whether in-person or with weekly digital discussions.

Schools can guide their students through this pilgrimage, or even use this for faculty/staff formation or outreach to parents.

Friends can form groups to read and pray together, and accompany each other in this journey to Christ.

Families can journey together through Lent, blessing their homes with the Word of God and words shared with each other.

Download this free resource and plan your Lenten pilgrimage by clicking the button below:

Make a scriptural pilgrimage

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