Three Essays for the Feast of St. Óscar Romero

Posted by The Editors on Mar 24, 2021 7:04:00 AM
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Today is the feast day of St. Óscar Romero, fourth Archbishop of San Salvador. Like many saints in the Church, Romero’s feast day marks his dies natales, or birth day into eternal life—in other words, the day of his death. 41 years ago today, Romero was shot and killed as he was celebrating Mass. Romero was known for his impassioned preaching and his outspokenness against corruption, violence, and oppression. Here are three pieces to help you learn more about this remarkable martyr for the faith.

The Political Pawning of Saints

J.M. Hogue reflects on the fact that Óscar Romero and Paul VI were canonized on the same day by Pope Francis, and offers a vision of the saints that cannot be reduced to the political categories of “liberal” and “conservative.”

The Liturgical Staging of Saint Óscar Romero’s Theology

Edgardo Colón-Emeric explores Romero’s homilies, in which the saint sought always to connect the Gospel and the liturgical calendar with the events of the day, helping his faithful to live their lives in the light of Christ.

Martyrdom is No Bloodless Myth

Jay Martin provides an in-depth look at Fr. John Thiede, SJ’s book Remembering Oscar Romero and the Martyrs of El Salvador, exploring the political context of the tumultuous time in which Romero and so many other men and women of faith lost their lives for living the Gospel.

St. Óscar Romero, pray for us!

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