Kiera Stubbs

Kiera Stubbs
Kiera Stubbs is a senior at the University of Notre Dame majoring in the Program of Liberal Studies and minoring in the Hesburgh Program of Public Service. Outside of class, she interns for the McGrath Institute and participates in the Women’s Boxing Club on campus. She’s interested in the philosophy of religion and is writing her thesis on the relationship between faith and the heart in the works of Pascal, Kierkegaard and Kant.

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What Christ the Bridegroom teaches us about marriage

Posted by Kiera Stubbs on Apr 18, 2019 7:00:00 AM

For first century Jews, it must have been strange when Christ, a wife-less celibate, identified himself as a bridegroom. Dr. Brant Pitre, professor of Scripture at the Augustine Institute, takes up this topic in his talk Christ as Bridegroom, outlining the various ways in which Christ demonstrates and models spousal love to the Church, as evident in Scripture.

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Topics: Holy Thursday, Jesus Christ, marriage, Sacrament of Matrimony, sacraments, Scripture, salvation history

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