Fr. Herbert Yost, CSC

Fr. Herbert Yost, CSC
Fr. Herbert Yost, CSC has worn many hats in his 45 years as a priest, including parish priest, chaplain, fund-raiser for the Congregation of Holy Cross, formator of novices, hermit. He is presently having the time of his life as chaplain at a large retirement community.

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A Former Hermit's Thoughts on Solitude

Posted by Fr. Herbert Yost, CSC on Apr 16, 2020 7:05:00 AM

From 1999 until 2004, I lived as a hermit. Now, like many others, I once again find myself spending a great deal of time alone. However, there are two huge differences between then and now: then, my solitude was freely chosen. Now, because of COVID-19, solitude is forced by stay-at-home orders. 

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Topics: prayer, relationships, domestic church, COVID-19 Resources, solitude

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