Meghan D'Andrea

Meghan D'Andrea
Meghan D’Andrea is a high school theology teacher and adjunct professor of religious studies in Buffalo, NY. She has master’s degrees in Theology, Education, and Ministry. Meghan is an avid traveler, a passion she shares with her students. She has impeccable handwriting, a heart for dogs, especially her beloved beagle, Chip, and an unquenchable thirst for coffee.

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Grace in imperfection, lessons for Christian perfectionists

Posted by Meghan D'Andrea on May 24, 2019 7:00:00 AM

As a perfectionist, I often seek out God in the wrong places; I pursue perfection instead of holiness. I await his revelation in the flawless, impeccable, perfect moments. But my penchant for the ideal means that I often keep God sequestered to the sacred precincts of some faraway sanctuary instead of inviting him into the moments of my life when I most need him: the less-than-perfect moments. Recently, I learned a very messy lesson about the grace of God in the chaos of life when I accidentally unleashed a deluge of foam into the hallways of the Catholic high school where I teach.

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Topics: perfectionism, trusting in God, providence

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